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Illiterate 2010 Artist Residency

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Illiterate 2010 Artist Residency

You've been submitting your work online for awhile now at Illiterate and want to take that next step, joining the ranks of Illiterate in the flesh and getting your artwork in the gallery.  Illiterate's Artist Residency program is just that opportunity. Lasting in duration between six months and two years, the residency program is an opportunity for emerging artists to gain exposure to a broader audience and develop their artist endeavors as they work alongside other talented individuals towards a gallery exhibition. In exchange for monthly dues, each artist is guaranteed one exhibit at the gallery during their stay, as well as career development and promotional assistance including building a client base, exposure through Illiterate's interactive online community, newsletters and publication as well as professional documentation of artwork, press interviews and programming opportunities in which the artist resident directly engages the public through discussion and presentation of their work. Additionally residents have the opportunity to engage in open critiques, gaining further insight into their own process and honing their creative vision. Finally artist residents are further invited to directly participate in the development of Illiterate as organization by taking on a service project during their tenure as a legacy of their residency. Maybe you'd like to start a new Illiterate event series, host a workshop, create your own blog column, design a mural, build a library bookshelf, or maybe you have an idea so completely outside of the box, that we haven't conceived of it ourselves. Whatever your skills, interests and ideas, as an Illiterate artist resident you'll have an opportunity to see them realized.

If you are interested in an Illiterate artist residency, please respond with the following to admin@illiteratemedia.com


- 1-2 paragraph artist statement explaining your work and background

- 1-2 paragraphs describing why you feel you would make a good fit at Illiterate

- CV or resume

- 5 images of your artwork




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